Women's Virtual Choir 


singing our planet green


Can you imagine a choir of women joining together not only for the fun and joy of singing but also to raise their voices on behalf of the trees and our planet, on behalf of our children's future?

This choir is for women who are hearing the call to take action on climate change, women who are longing for sisterhood and to transform numbness and despair to action and hope and for women who are curious to explore their voices. This choir is for professional singers and shower singers and everyone in the wide range in between.

To be in the choir doesn't cost anything, it's all free. Funds from this project will be donated to TreeSisters.

So, come on in, join the choir!


Women's virtual choir is led by Swedish choir conductor, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Åsa Larsson. She has been leading choirs for 15 years. In this project her musical skills blends together with her love for the trees and her engagement in empowering women.

How will this work?

This choir will be working in different projects, exploring how to make it possible to sing together and how singing can make our planet greener. The first project took place in March -18 and ended up in a choir happening, happening both irl in Gävle, Sweden and on the web. Right now we are in the process of editing a music video, planned to be released April 2019. Any income from this project will be donated to TreeSisters which is an organisation who empowers women around the globe and plants trees. This way we can transform our singing into trees!  

If you join the choir you will get updates when a new project is coming up.

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